Catnappery Cattery Cat Boarding v Home Boarding Services

Why choose Catnappery over a pet feeding service at home?

The reasons are simple;

  • Catteries are LICENSED and INSURED. As part of our licensing conditions we are also inspected by the Local Authority and a Local Authority appointed Veterinary Surgeon.
    • Most home feeding services, pet sitters etc. are not.
  • In Catnappery, your cat is SECURE, it is CONTAINED and it is SAFE.
    • It can’t run away or go missing.
    • It can’t wander off looking for you.
    • It can’t accidentally get locked in anywhere; jump in someone’s car or worse still; get hit by one.
  • In Catnappery, your cat is fed with QUALITY feed, providing a NUTRITIONALLY BALANCED diet at CONSISTENT feeding intervals. It will always have access to clean drinking water.
    • It isn’t fed alternative foods, we feed what you feed at home.
    • It isn’t fed at inconsistent intervals.
    • It is never left without food or water.
  • In Catnappery, your cat’s HEALTH and BEHAVIOUR are monitored continuously. We recognise that this is a time of stress for your cat, who may therefore be more susceptible to stress related illnesses. Vital warning signs such as your cat’s toileting habits are monitored daily.
    • It is impossible to know if your cat has toileting issues, such as inability to pass urine, if they are let out in the garden or given free access via a cat flap when you are away. Often this is not noticed until the cat is exhibiting extreme pain symptoms.
    • It is impossible to observe ‘normal’ behaviour of the cat during a feed visit (lasting 10-30 mins) and therefore, impossible to know if the cat is exhibiting ‘abnormal’ behaviour, such as stress or pain symptoms.

It has been documented, that the ‘home’ environment for a cat, particularly one that is used to being with ‘it’s people’, can be a much more stressful environment for the cat to stay in on it’s own, without ‘it’s people’, than the completely new environment of a cattery.

When your cat is in Catnappery, you can be sure there are no nasty surprises waiting for you to clean up when you get home either!